God is Big Enough to rule the World. Small enough to reign in our hearts

March 2, 2011

A first at House of Prayer Experience: a wedding!

Actually, a renewal of marriage vows.

Vincent and Pat Cole came along with their adult children for a blessing on their union. The couple had not celebrated their wedding inside a church twenty years ago, and since they attribute their renewed love for each other to the prayers of the People of HoPE, they came on Wednesday night to do this! Dr. Derek Morris who’s visiting from Washington,DC said the prayers of blessing and invited other couples to join hands as did the Cole’s. Dr. Morris also said prayers for those who’s spouse had passed away and for single people who are currently praying for a husband or wife.

The experience was an opportunity to give hope to those praying for their marriages. There was a time when Vincent said he gave Pat a hard time for her faith. Now he says his heart is softened and he is a changed man. The renewing of his vow of love to Pat was also an occasion to celebrate the power of God to transform people’s hearts.

Speaking of hearts, national prayer leader Ruthie Jacobsen spoke to ours: She  also took part in the couple’s blessing and shared  personal stories of God’s power to engineer times and places to answer our deepest and most urgent prayers. She reminded us that “God is big enough to rule the universe and small enough to reign in our hearts”.


Prayer Weekend 2010

PRAYER WEEKEND with Pastor Charles Tapp and WORSHIProject
at the Forest Lake Church
Streamed via http://media.forestlakechurch.org/live

Friday, January 1
7PM: ‘Doubt’ and the prayer life

Sabbath (Saturday), January 2
8.45 AM , 10 AM and/or 11.35 AM: ‘Shout Now’
10AM to 11AM: Men’s Ministry Prayer Session
4 PM: Footwashing Ceremony
5 PM: Candlelight Communion

‘Prayer Room’ will be opened all day for individual time of reflection.