Get Ready for a Spiritual Body Building

February 9, 2011

During these past few weeks, we have been exploring this whole idea of how each person has “a calling”. Finding out what that is, is a whole other story. Living our purpose has often been a focus for our times of prayer on Wednesday evenings.

What is our purpose? Where to start on our search for understanding our calling as Christians? We’re beginning with a spiritual workout.

Here is a resource we’ll be using often during these next few weeks:
Kim A. Johnson who has had extensive experience with Church Leadership wrote a book called Spiritual Body Building. Its principles will serve as our outline during the next few weeks. The lessons in Johnson’s book help believers understand their identity, their roles and how to accomplish God’s overarching purpose as His followers.

When it comes to our weekly exchange, House of Prayer Experience is a place to “practice” ministry with one another through listening to and praying with one another. Everyone has a part to play in God’s House. Let’s get ready.