Praying for one another using a Prayerscript

Distribute a prayerscript or a pre-written prayer guide to help focus your time  together. It is also a way to help those who are not  comfortable or as experienced with praying out loud for another person.

“Loving  God,   Bless  _______.  May  (he/she)  enter  Your   Presence  with  joy.  You  alone  are  God.  You   made  _______and  (he/she)  is  yours.  We  are   yours!  And  You  love  us.  Fill  ______’s  heart  with   hope  in  You  and  may  (he/she)  experience  Your   goodness  today  and  forevermore.  Amen.”

(Based  on  Psalm  100)

Download “A Prayer of Blessing”


What kind of tools have worked for you  to help increase participation in your prayer meetings?