The B.L.E.S.S. Prayer

The BlESS prayer is so versatile.

It may structure the sharing of our Testimony as a larger or smaller groups. It’s an accessible conversation starter for the intercessory portion of our time together. I’ve used it for our New Year’s Eve program as we carefully reviewed our year and prepared our heart and mind for the New Year.

I usually introduce BLESS as a way for people to talk to one another,then invite them to submit important aspects of their lives to God. It is also great tool to teach and practice intercessory prayer.

I’m indebted to Alvin Vandergriend and his book, Love To Pray. It’s a great 40-day devotional for individuals or groups. He introduces his readers to BLESS . I’ve adapted it’s explanation slightly by inserting my own words to each letters,but they capture their main ideas. It goes to show its simplicity and how easy it is to remember.

Body-Physical health,illness or strength

Labor-Finances, job,school or vocation

Emotional-Anxieties,depression or worry

Social-Friendships,marriage or any relationship, including parent-child

Spiritual-Assurance of salvation,fruit of the Spirit and more.

You may  visit  Dr. Vandergriend’s website for further details and click under “Resources” to download a sample guide.

Praying Scripture: The Healing of the Paralytic

A PrayerScript for leaders: The Healing of the Paralytic Man

Read from Luke 5:17-20

Invite people to reflect on these questions or share their responses with another sitting nearby.

  • Who introduced you to Jesus?
  • Express your thanks for this person or the situation that brought you into the presence of Christ.
  • Who in your life  do you feel called to pray for right now? Is there anyone that comes to you mind? Is there anyone whom you know  is unable to pray for himself or herself because of his or her paralyzing situation and need for your faith? Pray on behalf of the person whose name come to your mind.

Extend an invitation for individuals to come forward with someone who needs prayer or have people in the audience raise their hands when asking this next question:

  • Are there individuals  present today who feel that they are paralyzed and unable to reach out to Jesus and need the prayers of others on their behalf?

Read from Luke 5:21-26

Invite people to quiet reflection. Read the passage in between questions 1,2 and 3. 

  1. How is God revealing Himself to you through the passage?
  2. What are you called to  be,do, see or apply based on your reading of God’s Word?
  3. How will you respond to God’s Word based on what you “hear” Him telling you?
  4. Ask God for His help.
  5. Thank Him for what he will do for you and praise His Name!

PrayerScript-praying a Bible story