Day 40 of 40: Home!

Read Luke 2: 5-15.

Ah, Christmas. Think of the Christmas cards with the cozy stable, well-behaved animals, adoring shepherds and worshiping wise men. Except the word usually translated as “inn” (verse 7) is the Greek word “kataluma”—which can also mean guest room or upper chamber. So forget the first-century hotel, forget the grumpy innkeeper. It was in a very difficult, very harsh reality that God’s Son made his entrance on to the world’s stage: a peasant house, where animals were kept and fed inside the home alongside the family. Joseph and his teenage bride stayed in a home so cramped that there was no room upstairs with the rest of their host’s family; the only place to lay the baby was downstairs in the animals’ feed box.

Picture it: a small town in Palestine, a peasant’s home, a helpless baby in an animal’s feeding trough. To think that Jesus, the Son of God, came to earth in such a humble fashion. But he came, and bore the indignity of a public feeding trough—for you.


How does the harsh reality of the circumstances surrounding Jesus’ birth help you experience that event in a fresh way? What does that tell you of Jesus’ love for you and others?

Live the Gospel

Share the message of Christmas all throughout the year by volunteering to prepare a meal or by providing entertainment at a homeless shelter or retirement home. Or volunteer to work in an orphanage or a relief organization that aids children around the world.


Lord, do you see the plight of those who are without a home? See how their lives are ebbing away. Please find them a place where they can settle. Thank you for your unfailing love and the wonderful things you do.






 Forest Lake Church’s First 40 days of Prayer

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Live the Prayers (Outreach Idea)

Following a First40Day experience, especially one that emphasized living the Gospel and compassion, it made sense that we would be moved to do something to make someone else’s life a little better. It actually would lead to many other ideas for outreach.

A lifestyle of prayer was leading us to a lifestyle of living the Gospel.

For example, how many times have we driven by a homeless person holding up a sign for help at an intersection, and just kept going? Many of us have done it more times than we feel comfortable admitting.

Ever wish you could do more? Ever felt that sinking feeling that you might be missing an opportunity to show Christ or make a difference in someone’s life? You may be wondering: what can I do to make an impact for this person who has overwhelming needs?

To live the Gospel means starting where we can- even in a seemingly minuscule way.

Let’s come together to serve our local community wherever we are meeting as a House of Prayer.

Living Prayer

Here’s an idea for a mini-starter care bag (in our case, we will be using large ziplock bags) that we put together and given out to prayer ministry participants. When they notice someone in need or a homeless person, they will have something to give out to him or her.  The starter will contain:

-a water bottle,
-snack bar and
-notes with a prayer and Scripture.

When the people attending HoPE receive these bags, invite them to fill them with whatever everyday items they wish, things that we may take for granted, but for someone who has nothing, can make a world of difference.

Here is a suggested list of things that could be added to the starter care bag:

Cereal or granola bar *(provided)
Wet Wipes
Water bottle (provided)
Kleenex –
mini-emergency kit

(*Avoid making or purchasing bars with chocolate or caramel bits. These melt!)

As a variation and as time permits, you and your team may decide to have invite people to bring in one or all of the items listed above every time you gather. During the last day of your 4o days of prayer,line up bags and content to have people pick up and fill up a bag in an assembly line: everyone will  leave with a care bag to keep and give out to a person in need.

Another suggestion: as you end your First 40 Days of Prayer , designate the last week or a day in the last week of the 40days to assemble these bags as a praying community and each taking one before you leave.

Thanks for helping spread God’s love and for sharing HoPE.

How have you seen the Gospel come alive in your community or in your life through sharing or acts of kindness? What are ways in which you combine your prayer ministry with reaching out to your local community?