Giving Thanks Together (Thanksgiving Day)

How do you celebrate and acknowledge God at Your Thanksgiving Day gathering and dinner when the focus is on …giving Thanks?

Any special traditions in your family or home group?

By the way-have a Scrabble game? Place the letters in a container. Ask people to pick a letter and think of something or someone to be thankful for that begins with that particular letter.

Read a Psalm.

You follow up by beginning with something like: “Lord, we give You thanks…” and then invite everyone to say their words. Close with a “Thank You, God.” Then a

“Let’s eat!”.

Happy Thanksgiving Day!

What simple ways do you make your family devotionals special during the Holidays? Please share!

Be surprised by God

December 1, 2010

If you are reading this post in the month of December 2010, you may still catch highlights of the House of Prayer Global via:!

Ever had an answer to your prayers and found yourself wondering if it was really God answering and even doubted that it was an actual… miracle?

Dr. Luke recounts the story of Zechariah who doubted the news Gabriel was bringing to him. (See Luke 1:5-21)

Can you imagine? Telling a supernatural being who sees the face of God: “Are you sure you know what you’re talking about?”
Zechariah knew God. After all, he was a member of the clergy. He knew about the prophecies and the Sacred Word of God. Yet, he doubted when God Himself spoke to him!

When I read Zechariah, I wonder if it is possible to be so sure of what we know or think we know, that we leave no room for God to surprise us. We can be so enamoured by our own ideas of how things work that we close our hearts to the mystery of God.

Zechariah became mute as a result of his incredulity. I wonder if this professional man of God depended on his speech for his position of authority? He didn’t speak again until he spoke what God wanted him to say. Maybe this is a lesson for us to do the same. To be quiet or not make a move and pause until we are sure that we are really saying or doing what honors Him
(See Luke 60-63).

Let’s step back and watch for God to work in our lives. Let’s be open to be amazed by Him.

Praying for our joy and…hope for the journey!
-Pastor Sabine:)