Day 40 of 40: Home!

Read Luke 2: 5-15.

Ah, Christmas. Think of the Christmas cards with the cozy stable, well-behaved animals, adoring shepherds and worshiping wise men. Except the word usually translated as “inn” (verse 7) is the Greek word “kataluma”—which can also mean guest room or upper chamber. So forget the first-century hotel, forget the grumpy innkeeper. It was in a very difficult, very harsh reality that God’s Son made his entrance on to the world’s stage: a peasant house, where animals were kept and fed inside the home alongside the family. Joseph and his teenage bride stayed in a home so cramped that there was no room upstairs with the rest of their host’s family; the only place to lay the baby was downstairs in the animals’ feed box.

Picture it: a small town in Palestine, a peasant’s home, a helpless baby in an animal’s feeding trough. To think that Jesus, the Son of God, came to earth in such a humble fashion. But he came, and bore the indignity of a public feeding trough—for you.


How does the harsh reality of the circumstances surrounding Jesus’ birth help you experience that event in a fresh way? What does that tell you of Jesus’ love for you and others?

Live the Gospel

Share the message of Christmas all throughout the year by volunteering to prepare a meal or by providing entertainment at a homeless shelter or retirement home. Or volunteer to work in an orphanage or a relief organization that aids children around the world.


Lord, do you see the plight of those who are without a home? See how their lives are ebbing away. Please find them a place where they can settle. Thank you for your unfailing love and the wonderful things you do.






 Forest Lake Church’s First 40 days of Prayer

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Best Gifts

December 23, 2009

When they saw the star, they were overjoyed. On coming to the house, they saw the child with his mother Mary, and they bowed down and worshiped him. Then they opened their treasures and presented him with gifts of gold and of incense and of myrrh.
-Matthew 2: 10-11, NIV

The story on the Visit of the Magi was a backdrop to H.o.P.E today as prayers of gratitude went up for this past year’s gifts (family, healing, friends and more) and in anticipation for what the new year will bring. Please join us next week, on Wednesday, December 30 for a special time of prayer and reflection!

Miguel Davis shared his experience as an US Army Specialist. He serves as a lead musician for the troupes for their encouragement and morale boost! Miguel has been grateful for the opportunity to use his musical gifts to serve God and country. Boot camp was pretty grueling in itself, especially for a guy over 40 among others who were twice younger than him. Yet, he completed the test at the top. He noticed that whatever he ate or drank, the guys imitated the content of his food tray. He didn’t expect that his witness would expand to healthy physical habits, too. Specialist Davis shared his music with us that night and he invited first time guest, Kristi to joined in singing a Spirit-filled rendition of O Holy Night. (You’ll get a chance to hear Kristi next year on January 6 during H.o.P.E Global)

Miguel returns to his duties in a few days. Please keep him in your prayers as well as his wife, Angela, their family and the young men and women serving in our Armed Forces.

Praying for our joy… and hope for the journey!
Pastor Sabine

January 1 and 2, 2010: Forest Lake Church will host a Prayer Weekend starting on Friday, January 1 at 7pm. We hope to see you and your friends there!