Get out there and M.I.N.G.L.E !

As  followers of Jesus, we’re focusing on His way of reaching people.

We’re tackling each part of this insight by Ellen G. White on page 143 of Ministry of Healing. It’s a book  she wrote in the late 1800’s, but so applicable for our modern time:

Christ’s method alone will give true success in reaching the people. The Savior mingled with men as one who desired their good. He showed His sympathy for them, ministered to their needs, and won their confidence. Then He bade them, “Follow Me.”

As an equipper of young adult leaders, minister and through his work in publishing, Les Mccoy knows a lot about  “mingling”!  He also credits his wife Pastor Barb for inspiring him to come up with an acronym as a teaching tool. He shared  M.I.N.G.L.E with us. We started off with a prayer and meditation on Matthew 28:11. Here are my notes from this evening about Jesus’ example, and our guide as  Christians for interacting with the people we’ll meet:

M is for Meek

Jesus was kind. Too often, we associate meekness with weakness. Jesus was far from being weak. Real men are meek, Les said. He also shared that he had a grip strength test he once used as illustration during a speaking engagement. Most people could reach 40 on it. One man in the audience came forward. With one hand, that man’s grip measured 70! He happened to be a carpenter. Jesus as a carpenter and very most likely a strong man. According to the Gospel writings,Jesus treated people with kindness.

I is for Inclusive

Jesus embraced people. He in fact went looking for the outsiders such as the poor and the marginalized. I can’t help remembering how He included the children that His  own disciples pushed away.

I’m reminded that SMALL is big in God’s kingdom. No matter their role in society, people matter. Show them they matter by acknowledging them in some way.

N is for Needy

Jesus took the time to notice people and their needs. Les’ point here is that people need God whether they realize it or not. Never give up on people or believe that your story couldn’t reach them.  I love Les’ emphasis here, on being other-focused and not worry so much about how we appear to people.

I would also add this:  never be afraid to be needy yourself. Don’t be the one with the ready answer and dare ask for help. Jesus asked the woman at the well for water. He invited Himself to dinner to Zaccheus’ home. My takeaway?

Be humble enough to give  people the blessing of blessing you.

G is for “God with us”

We don’t go at it alone when we interact with people. God sends us forth into the world with His power!

And you know what else “God with us” reminds me of? That we ought to approach people within their context, and try to understand their point of view, not impose our own. Jesus came as a human being to be with us and never lost sight of His Mission. Let’s be incarnational.

L is for “Learn of me”

Christ’ invitation is to join Him and be equipped for heaven. When we say yes to Jesus, we have opened our being to redemption and to be prepared for a lifetime in His glorious presence. Christ says that “His yoke is easy”. This means that will gently lead us and help us to live our best life in His power.

God with us helps us.

E is for Eternal Life

Les quoted another Ellen G. White excerpt: “Heaven is a ceaseless approach to God through Christ.”  We have good news to share with people. To quote Les: “Eternal Life is today!”  …because of Jesus.

Through our living, they can access this relationship with Christ. What a great reminder my friend inspired me tonight: Heaven is a relationship. Not a place where we play harps all day.

I mean…think of the person you long for and dream of spending eternity knowing. Heaven like that, and better than the deepest passion we can imagine.  “Eternal Life starts now.”


What do you think? What would your acronym for “Mingle” look like? How has God led you to mingle with people in Christ’ Name and where? Who is God leading you to get to know better and pray for especially this week?





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