Giving Thanks Together (Thanksgiving Day)

How do you celebrate and acknowledge God at Your Thanksgiving Day gathering and dinner when the focus is on …giving Thanks?

Any special traditions in your family or home group?

By the way-have a Scrabble game? Place the letters in a container. Ask people to pick a letter and think of something or someone to be thankful for that begins with that particular letter.

Read a Psalm.

You follow up by beginning with something like: “Lord, we give You thanks…” and then invite everyone to say their words. Close with a “Thank You, God.” Then a

“Let’s eat!”.

Happy Thanksgiving Day!

What simple ways do you make your family devotionals special during the Holidays? Please share!

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Sabine coined the midweek prayer gathering as "House of Prayer Experience" with the objective of facilitating a welcoming community of believers who are empowered to be agents of hope for Christ through a lifestyle of prayer. Sabine enjoys serving alongside dedicated church leaders to plan the weekly HoPE. She has a passion to inspire,coach and advise ministry and prayer leaders on how to build a HoPE within their own congregations or homes.

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