31 Days of Prayer for Husbands

The “Spiritually Single” page caught my attention while I was on Facebook the other day. I saw the 31 Days of Prayer for My Husband on it and thought,why encourage its use at the House of Prayer Experience meeting for  31 days leading up to Father’s Day?

Here it is below with the mention of  Shayla’s Blog. I don’t know her but I have been  impressed by  its Christ-centered message. So I asked her if it’d be okay to post the prayer prompts here, and she graciously said yes.

I especially  like this idea of praying for your husband whether or not you are married. If you plan on being married or wish to be married one day, why not begin praying for your future husband now?

She  also has 31-Day Prayers for wives,children,pastors…check it out for yourself. It might inspire you with some new ideas on how to encourage shared prayer experiences with your group or congregation.

What do you think about this one? How would you plan on using this prayer guide with your group?

31 Days of Prayer for My Husband

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