Welcome to the Official House of Prayer Experience Blog!

God says:

My House will be a House of Prayer for All People

-from Isaiah 56:7

My House

From the very beginning, God wants to be with people. He longs to make His dwelling place near humans, and be at one with us. His House means coming into His Presence and whenever we do, we enter a very sacred space and moment. Whatever the room you meet-remind people that it’s God’s House. Many seek for answers but mostly they’ll want to know His Presence.

A House of Prayer

The meeting is called “experience” because it seems so easy to talk about the theory of prayer rather than to actually…pray! Good things happen in prayer meetings, such as meeting up with friends and making new friends. The song service hits the mark. The video drives the point home. Yet it’s not a house of songs or a house of sermons, we have primarily come for Prayer.

For All People

God loves people. When they walk through the doors into His House and join in Prayer with others,they will feel embraced and accepted by both God and His people no matter their backgrounds. The prayer meeting is an outlet for everyone to discover that God can use them to bring hope into someone else’s life. It’s not about doing it right in our worship or having the right word in our prayers. It’s about relationships and  being empowered to care about People.

The biggest idea of a HoPE meeting is learning about and practicing:

  • the Presence of God,
  • the Discipline of Prayer and
  • ministry to one another and the stranger.

This Blog is a response to the many requests from prayer ministry facilitators,clergy and leaders I’ve met in my travels who are seeking to see these big ideas translate into a lifestyle of prayer for themselves and the people they serve. The dream is to have Houses of Prayer Experiences spring up here and everywhere!

Please come by often as we share with one another inspiration,blueprints and tools for building an interactive and dynamic mid-week prayer meeting within our churches,homes and communities.

Praying for our joy…and hope in this journey together!

Sabine Vatel